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Hours of Operation

Doctor's Hours: Monday - Friday: 9:00am-12:00pm and 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am - 12:00pm
Lobby Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 6:30pm
Saturday: 8:00am - 12:00pm
Sunday: CLOSED


Very good place to take your animal for care.

“Very good place to take your animal for care. I took my dog here to check something on his leg and the vet also found that my dog had cracked tooth starting to abscess. The tooth was surgically removed and thankfully my dog is doing fine. The vet showed me pics of the abscess afterwards and it would have been a lot worse situation for my dog had it not been found and removed. Thank you Creekside. ”

—Cynthia R.

The doctors and staff at Creekside Animal Hospital are exceptional.

“The doctors and staff at Creekside Animal Hospital are exceptional. Thank you for your care and attention to the well being of my furry and furless little terrors. We would not go anywhere else! ”

—Isabelle T.

Dr. Dave and staff were amazing and literally saved our fur baby’s life.

“Our puppy contracted parvovirus which is usually a death sentence. Dr. Dave and staff were amazing and literally saved our fur baby’s life. Full recovery with the specialized treatment protocol provided. They really care about your pet and treat them VERY well. ”

—Scott A.

I will always recommend Creekside Animal Hospital and Dr. Dolan!!!

“Our puppy Shade contracted parvovirus. Being turned away by multiple booked hospitals from COVID-19, we reached out to creekside in desperate need of help. I have to say, they truly stand by their words of never turning a sick patient away. My baby is back home now and recovering. Thank you again!”

—Hope F.

Peggy W.

“We went to Creekside for the first time today. Everyone was so attentive and Dr. Dolan spent a lot of time with us to put us at ease. Our little one turned out to not be as sick as we had first thought. He was wonderful with Gracie Li and we were really impressed with him and his staff. They are patient, handled Gracie with lots of love and praise and Dr. Dolan answered all our questions and took time to listen to our concerns and to explain everything. We have finally found a doctor in our community who cares enough to take time to hear our concerns and answer our questions and who is genuinely concerned about the welfare of his patients. A special thank you to his staff! ”

—Peggy W.

Julia S.

“We are very happy with Dr. Dolan. Argos (our pooch) had a surgery with Dr. Dolan. Doc was very perceptive of my comments and my worries about anasthetic and was very thorough with the protocol and procedure itself. Argie did very well coming out of it and the after surgery care was and still is great. All the issues and questions were and are being adressed. Thank you Dr. Dolan. ”

—Julia S.

Michelle J.

“This is the only clinic that would take me on short notice. I though I had an emergency with my cat. I was turned away by every clinic around becase it was a Saturday and they were booked. Creekside worked us in quickly and it was a great first time experience. The exam was thorough and their prices are very reasonable. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. ”

—Michelle J.

Renee H.

“I took our new puppy in today for the first time. Every person on staff was welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Dolan spent lots of time with Luna and I and gave me tons of helpful information. What a great caring place to take your loved pets!!!! ”

—Renee H.

Crystal O.

“I must say I'm very impressed with the loving care , well educated and helping us understand what was going on from dr. Dolan and his staff on Friday December 26. My 14 year old dog wasn't doing so well. This was our first time coming to this place as we had a vet that was extremely far where we used to live. So we called creekside because of the great reviews and it was close to our new home. They got us in rt away and he (dr.Dolan)wouldn't stop until he figured out what was wrong with my sweet boy. Before we left he found that my dog had a massive tumor on his spleen! Dr. And his staff did the surgery the next day after they were closed. It sure wasn't a easy surgery since the tumor was the size of a small football! His assistant came and gave us updates as they were doing it, had relaxing music offered cookies, water and coffee. Surgery went well! We really appreciated that they took their own personal time to take care of our baby. That says a lot!!! And dr. Came that same night to ck up on him and the following morning. We got to bring him home Sunday afternoon! Dr. Dolan saved my precious baby and I can't thank him enough! Can't wait for our new dog we rescued to meet him! We found our forever vet! ”

—Crystal O.

Ashley S.

“The pur-fect vet for our fur-tastic pets. The staff is always caring and knowledgeable. The vets always make sure our animals are healthy and that we have the resources to keep them that way. Thanks to the Creekside staff, Dr. Dolan, and Dr. Robinson! ”

—Ashley S.

Sara K.

“Dr. Dolan and his staff are amazing!! I can't thank them enough for the love and care they gave my dog!! Very attentive to what she needed with keeping my budget in mind. ”

—Sara K.

Sherrie S.

“My own vet of 5 yrs would not give my maltese granddog an appointment on a Saturday. I called several places with no luck. Dr. David said they don’t like to turn people with sick animals away. He was great with Max and turns out he did have an ear infection. Thanks so much for seeing me last minute as I would have probably gone to the emergency clinic by tomorrow. I think they just added a second vet although Dr. David was excellent and I will go back to him! The staff was very sweet as I was a worried grandma! lol ”

—Sherrie S.

Astrid C.

“The staff is always nice and Dr. Dolan is great, he's very personable and always great with my pets. I drive about 30min to get there and it is worth it for the care I get for my dogs. ”

—Astrid C.

Barbara S.

“During what I considered an emergency situation my regular vet couldn't find time to see me, but Creekside Animal Hospital was able too. They were caring and kind. My dog was comfortable there and he usually hates vets. They took care of my dog and also prescribed a new medication for a preexisting condition my dog had been dealing with for awhile. He is a changed dog. Happier and more energetic than he has been in years.”

—Barbara S.

Bayje G.

“I have two fur babies, one that is a senior dog. The staff are so kind and loving to both of my dogs. Apollo, my senior little man, has had some complications recently. Dr. Dolan takes his time to explain everything to me, and the staff have helped me cope in some more difficult moments. I never feel as if they ask me to do unnecessary procedures just to profit. They truly care about the health of my dog and are considerate of the owner as well. We are very glad we found them to take care of our dogs! ”

—Bayje G.

Maria M.

“I have three dogs ages 8, 11 and 15 and we have seen many vets over the years. We moved to Tomball in June of last year and it was a happy accident that we found Creekside. My small dog became really sick on a Friday and I was turned down by three offices that said they were already booked up for the day. I was accustomed to having to call numerous vets in a pinch as this has happened many times over the years. Then I called Creekside. We were worked into the schedule and told that they never turn away a sick pet. Doc had surgeries and procedures of all kinds that day and still took a moment to see us.This has never happened before. Fast forward to now and my three dogs have all been in for visits with various needs as they are getting older. From the reception staff to the technicians to Dr. Dolan , these folks are kind, professional, honest and understanding. My two sons ages 1 and 2 are always in tow when we visit and are greeted warmly and the staff always lends a hand! Dr. Dolan takes time to explain everything and understands that costs can be high with pet care and always works with me to have a plan of care that will keep my dogs healthy and happy but will be as conscientious as possible on our bank account. In other words, no BS here. If it's necessary he categorizes it at a high priority and a baseline and let's me know which suggestions of his are not as pressing. We will be moving in a few months and if We remain within 20 or 30 miles from here, we will continue to come see them! I was feeling bad that this review was long overdue, but am actually happy I waited because I have been there many times and feel very strongly about what I have said here. ”

—Maria M.


“I was in town visiting a friend and my poor little yorkiepoo started throwing up. It didn't get any better so I went to the nearest clinic, which was Creekside. I waited all day to take her hoping it would get better, so I arrived near closing time. The staff showed a lot of care and concern for us and did whatever they could to take care of us, even though I'm sure they were all wanting to go home for the day. Debbie, the manager, was so nice and Dr. Dolan fixed my precious baby's ailments with a professional, caring attitude as they knew how anxious I was being in a strange town and all. If I lived there, I would definitely make this clinic my primary pet's care. ”


David C.

“We were able to make an appointment at the last minute and when we arrived we were seen right away. The service was impeccable. ”

—David C.

Shane D.

“I cannot say enough good things about this Veterinary Clinic. My wife had to have our cats declawed and was not comfortable having our former veterinarian perform the procedure. We came across this clinic from a recommendation, and I'm glad we did. We have never had a veterinarian call us and ask how the animals were doing, Creekside did. Impressive. We also received a handwritten thank you card form the clinic thanking us for using their services. Customer Service at its finest. Our Cats are doing great and fully recovered from the procedure within a week. ”

—Shane D.

Kathleen J.

“This is one of my favorite vet practices since we became pet owners about 20 years ago. We've moved quite a bit so have had ample opportunity to compare. We have taken the dogs to them for routine care and for more serious issues. They have provided outstanding service in both cases. We find Dr Dolan, Dr Robinson and all the staff to be professional, friendly and caring. They are thorough, stay on top of issues and always follow up. The dogs like the vets and staff even though they don't like the procedures. It kind of funny watching the dogs happily greet the vets and staff until they are put on the table and then the tails drop...but the tails are up and the dogs are back to following everyone around as soon as they leave the table and their paws hit the floor. Recently my husband and I were both out of town when one of the dogs caught the flu. My 18 year old daughter called Creekside Animal Hospital and Dr Dolan and team went out of their way to help her. Obviously we appreciated their care for the dogs but were more impressed by their support and care for our daughter. I recommend them to anyone looking for a local vet. ”

—Kathleen J.

Lyss B.

“We just moved to the area and brought our two large breed dogs in. We were an absolute circus after getting lost and our two kids being hungry, it wasn't pretty. The staff was SO patient with us and so kind. We are so happy to have found a vet near our new home who we can trust our pets with. They didn't push unnecessary tests and were extremely thorough. We will be patients for as long as we are residents! ”

—Lyss B.

Cristal S.

“On a Friday night my Papillon was acting odd. I decided to get him checked out in the morning. My regular vet could not do X-rays on Saturdays so I looked for another vet. I'm always worried about good vets but I can report that Dr. Robinson is an awesome vet! We were able to get an appointment right away. Right from the moment we were greeted to the bad news I received this vet is phenomenal. So much so that I'm making him my new vet. They even sent a nice follow up card and called to see how my dog was doing after his surgery. Although we were referred to have my dog get emergency spinal surgery, I felt comfortable with Dr. Robinson's recommendation. My fur baby will be able to walk again due to Dr. Robinson's quick thinking and recommended action. ”

—Cristal S.

Liz N.

“My dog ate some chocolate. My regular vet couldn't see her, so I called creekside in a panic and they found time to squeeze her in. They were kind and relaxed and very professional. I think we have a new regular vet! ”

—Liz N.

Kris N.

“I have been taking my pets to Creekside Animal hospital for 4 years and wouldn't go anywhere else. My pets have received excellent care for routine and emergency needs. Dr. Dolan and Dr. Robinson have gone over and beyond to not only administer excellent advice and treatment for my pets but also provide exceptional customer service to me and my family. They really take the extra time to understand the situation at hand. The staff is simply the best by always providing friendly, helpful and knowledgeable customer service. They are always eager to help with my animals and take the time to answer all my questions. The office is impeccably clean at all times. It is obvious that Creekside Animal Hospital cares a great deal about every pet and customer that walks through the door. They have always gone the extra mile for me and I highly recommend them for their proactive, compassionate and exceptional medical care that they provide each and every visit! ”

—Kris N.