Creekside Animal Hospital

26219 Kuykendahl
Tomball, TX 77375


After planning on building my practice on Gosling and Creekside Forest for the past 10 years an offer was made to buy my property.  I thought that I wan't going to have the opportunity to practice here but fortunately, this practice came up for sale soon afterwards.  It is in the same location as my Gosling property except on Kuykendahl.  It is a lot smaller than what I had planned, but it is already built.  The plan is to update the property and the building in a few stages.  Initially, we will put in a concrete parking lot, a new sign and clean up the front to look a little more like something that will fit into The Woodlands style.


There are positives and negatives about this location.  It was originally a house, so there was a space limitation.  This showed up most in the reception area and the treatment area.  There is not much that we can do about the reception area, as a matter of fact, we may make it even worse.  We need to expand the receptionist area into the reception area so that we can have room for files and prescription products.  The long term plan is to do an addition in the back so that we can move the treatment area and surgery into the kennel area and move the kennels and laundry room into the new addition.


We will post a photographic record of our process, on the following pages.  Check out how things work out here!